The FerriMet system provides a reliable, cost effective means of removing arsenic and other heavy metals from drinking water, industrial process wastewater and contaminated groundwater.

With simple chemistry, and an elegant continuous flow operation, FerriMet greatly reduces capital costs (compared to present technologies). Further operating savings come from the ability to automatically monitor and customize these systems.

FerriMet is the only technology certified by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection for removal of arsenic from drinking water.

A New, More Effective Technology
This proprietary system removes arsenic and heavy metals from water through the direct, in-line injection of an iron solution and other treatment chemicals prior to use of a sand or multimedia filter and without the use of a sedimentation tank. This system utilizes well-known iron chemistry but applies it in a novel manner. FerriMet treats high flow streams with metals (typically arsenic but also lead, chromium, copper, and others) concentrations in the parts per billion ranges, up to the low parts per million. This means an enormous cost savings to our customers.

Less Waste Means Less Cost of Disposal
The technology chemistry minimizes waste byproducts and ensures that they are not hazardous, thereby leading to extremely low disposal costs. This HydroGlobe system can effectively remove multiple contaminants across a wide range of concentrations.

Scalable and Customizable Solutions
The FerriMet system, which can be a standard product model or custom designed, is most effective for treating water with relatively low incoming impurity loadings. It is suited for any range of flow rates up to those required by larger municipalities and is targeted at municipal treatment plants and remediation sites with flows of over fifty gallons per minute.

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Groundwater Clean Up
Texas Chemical Plant Site
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Arsenic Removal from Drinking Water
Hopewell Township, New Jersey
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Arsenic Removal from Groundwater
URS Corporation - Boca Raton, Florida
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